Hi, my name is Julian and these are my silly comics. Enjoy.

Recurring Characters

Chef Charly

Insane chef that mainly sets stuff on fire and probably doesn't even have a cooking license.


Likes blasting music at full volume. Gadget enthusiast. Basically does whatever he wants (as all cats).

Cat girl

Owns Cat. Is not amused by his tomfoolery, but has a lot of patience (as all cat owners)

The cashier

Weird girl who works in a fast food place. Her favorite hobby is to confuse customers. It's a mystery why she hasn't been fired.

The fortune teller/witch

Not to be messed with, she can see danger in your future. Probably can do real magic, too.


Dislikes the whole blood sucking business. Trying some alternatives. Not very confident.


Doesn't understand Vampire's endeavors. Not very encouraging.

Beautiful Princess

She is beautiful and she is a princess. Friend of knights and dragons alike. A free spirit.